lunes, 6 de agosto de 2007

my coments

andrea vargas
hello tokya your blog is very interesting i really had a good time doing the presentation with you... take care ..bye...andrea v was here...

yadelsy contreras
hi karina I just wanna let you know that your blog is very good ..i hope to see you son!

my coments

andrea vargas
karina contreras

what´s the matter?

What´s the Matter???
*Andrea Villalobos: I´m a doctor
*karina Contreras: she is a secretary
*Andrea Vargas: she is a patient
*Andrea Vargas: Hi, good Morning
*Karina Contreras: hi, what can I help you??
*Andrea Vargas: I´m feeling sick, is the doctor around??
*Karina Contreras: yes he is.... Please whait!
*Andrea Vargas: OK!!! thanks
*Karina Contreras: the doctor is waiting for you..... Please come in
*Andrea Vargas: thanks!
*Andrea Villalobos: Hi, How are you?
*Andrea Vargas : hi doctor I´m feeling very bad
*Andrea Villalobos: Why? What´s the matter?
*Andrea Vargas: Well, I have a headache
*Andrea Villalobos : Ok. let´s take a look at you
*Andrea Villalobos: I´m going to give you some pill. Take one pill every night after dinner... OK! Andrea Vargas: all right. thanks, doctor.

miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2007

my last weekend!!

In my last weekend I had a great time


On friday I got up at 11:00 o´clock .I went to the university because I had a very difficult test. then I went to my home for my little sister birthday party.I helped my mom with all the things that se had to do for the party. at night the party started and we had a great time.

On Saturday I got up at 12:00 pm I ate a delicius spaguettis that my mom cooked for us,then I went to my bedroom and watched a horror movie with my sister and her boyfriend but I didn't see the scary parts of the movie and when the film finished at 5:00pm I went to my cousin house and we had a sleep over it was great .

On Sunday I got up at 3:00 pm then I went to my grandmother house I was very tired so I ate an excellent rice than she maked for us and then I came home early and I went to my bed.

Broccoli is good for you!!

I like broccoli because it is healthy and is good for me. but I don't like to eat broccoli a lot, just once a week.I think i'm in great shape and that´s why I don't always eat vegetables.In my diet I try to eat a little of everything but I also go jogging every day with my friends because that's very good for me and my body too.

adverbs of frequency

"My Breakfast".
I always eat "arepas" with cheese and orange juice and I love .arepas are delicius for me.
"My Lunch".
I sometimes eat pasta, because my mom I do´'t know why it's more easy for her make for lunch meat with rice and salad.
"My Dinner"
I always for dinner eat out with my sister and friensd we go to burger king or "te con te" . and when is weekend we eat out all the family.

the food!!

food I like :I always eat americans food
food I don´t like: I dont eat fish it taste awful
food I eat that is good for me: I usually eat fruits
food I don't eat that is good for me: I never eat grains.
In my diet I usually eat little candies, some rice and a lot of vegetables and meat.
I think that I have a healthy diet bacause I don't eat a lot of fat.but I know that I need to eat more grains and lees meat.
my favorite food: it's american's food Ilove it.